Funeral Ceremony - Ice Cross Lyrics

Funeral Ceremony - Ice Cross Lyrics

Ice Cross
Faraway from our Solar System
In a future time so far from ours
Mankind discovered a living planet
On wich the life is conscious
Aliens have deep intelligence
As they`ve build their own civilisation
Living in piece and harmony without religion
Untill the man has arrived

They are so innocent so pure
They are the perfect beings
They do not know what means the crimes
They even do not know to lie

The priest in the mission try to convert them to christianity
To pray to god to save their sinfull souls
To change their mentality
But these creatures do not know the concept of god
They don`t need any faith

Considering them some sin
full beings - what a stupidity!
They don`t lost their paradise they live in it!
Considering them evil`s creation what a stupidity!
They are the children of Universe like you and me!


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