I'll ask you to follow
Blood bone and marrow
See you in the night again

Time that we borrowed
Won't come back tomorrow
See you in the night again

And i don't wanna say it isn't real
But you're just gonna go n call me 2faced
Find me at the bottom of the hill
While you're up at the top and im far awa

And baby can you tell me how it feels
When you're the only one who gets to walk away
That was never part of the deal
Imma move on while my heart decays

Imma move on while my heart decays
It's hard to gauge
When i'm in pain
Imma move on while my heart decays

I should probably stay
But we both know that isn't possible
Ever since i left you baby
I've been feeling horrible
I should learn to follow my heart
Instead of tearing us apart

And how i said it
Wasn't how i meant it
You're so frenetic
And hard to love
Hard to love

Artist: EMBUE
Song: 2FACED
Official Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj84EpWu8-U

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